• Our Roots Are In Huron County

    Grown on a patch of history in Bayfield, Ontario, Cornerfield Wine Co. has gone back to its roots to bring a unique winery experience to Huron County.

    About Our Winery

Cornerfield Wine Co. is a destination to experience an emerging wine growing market.

Family Owned. Expertly Crafted.

With a family farm as part of the history of Cornerfield Wine Co. we believe the experience we have to offer is unique, with a blend of family life and expert winemaking.

Nestled in the heart of Huron County, we've created a beautiful winery amongst one of the best scenic wine growing environments that nature has to offer.

The Perfect Recipe For Wine

With a unique terroir, beautiful scenery and acres of vineyards, Cornerfield Wine Co. offers unique insight into Winemaking in Huron County, Ontario.

Family-Owned Winery

We understand the importance of family, and the benefit of cultivating a winemaking experience close to home.

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Established Vineyards

Cornerfield Wine Co. offers a beautiful winemaking experience with 5 acres of vineyards established in 2015.

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Unique Terroir

Near the shores of Lake Huron, carved in the last glacial retreat, lies a terroir that affords the creation of well-balanced wines.

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Expertly Crafted Wine

Benefiting from a unique terroir, our wines promise complexity and vibrance brought into the balance one expects of a high-end wine.

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Wine Is A Personal Experience

  • "With our opening in 2019, there was a sense of excitement as we were eager to share the delicious wine we've grown in Huron County. It's definitely worth the visit!"
    Steve Byfield, Winemaker
Family-owned Cornerfield Wine Co in Huron County

We're Ready To Grow

With 5 acres of prime vineyards established near Bayfield, Ontario in 2015, Cornerfield Wine Co. is a family-owned and operated winery specializing in expertly-crafted wine.

Just a short trip from the shores of Lake Huron, the winery lives on an established family farm, capitalizing on a unique terroir that promises to bring intensity, but balance, to every wine crafted at Cornerfield Wine Co.

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Meet the family, share the history.

Whether you live in Bayfield, or you're visiting for the first time, come out to the winery, meet the Durand family, enjoy some wine and share in the beauty of Huron County.

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